A completely free remake of the classic Caesar III


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CaesarIA is a real time strategy game in which players build a Roman city from scratch and then go on to lead an empire to glory by fighting against barbarians, Egyptians and Carthaginians.

Players start the game with nothing but the ability to build; and build you must. Building houses allows you to attract citizens, but in order to keep them happy (and alive) you need to create different types of buildings: guard posts, wells, amphitheaters, temples, and much more. You must build a true Roman metropolis if you want to survive.

On CaesarIA you must remember to take into account several different key areas of your city. Houses for your citizens to live in are very important, but water and highways, for example, are also essential. That's why you'll have to build roads and aqueducts that connect your city’s most important points.

During combat on CaesarIA you won’t give your soldiers orders directly; instead, you'll point to where you want your troops to go and they will, depending on their discipline, enter combat or do something else.

CaesarIA is a free and open source remake of Caesar III that offers great gameplay and amazing graphics from the nineties which, even today, are still very nice.
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